Dear Long Island Best Mediation,

“It has been about six months since we finalized our paperwork and now want to let you both know how at peace I am and how I have been able to move on in my life. The way you were able to care about our future meant a lot. Our children are doing really well and have adjusted, thank you again for the time you spent with us…”

- i.k.

Dear Long Island Best Mediation,

“……your professionalism gave us the confidence to think clearly about our finances and what we needed to do for our future. It was so important to has to know we had a team that we could trust. You work with these situations all day long but this was our first and hopefully only time to go through a divorce and we wanted to make sure we did it right. Thanks so much for your guidance and expertise.”

- A.S.

Hey, Long Island Best Mediation

“Just a quick not to let you know we are doing really well.  I appreciate the fact that you offered post-divorce counseling and happy to report I am dating again and really happy in my life. I never thought I could find the joy I feel and the peace of mind I now have. My kids see their dad on a regular basis, and it seems we are healed and going to be alright after all.” Blessings to you both

- V.S.

Dear Long Island Best Mediation

“…….Not sure if you remember us, but we were the crazy ones. Now, that time has passed Tom and I are actually friends. He comes over to help the kids with homework and I get a chance to go out and take care of what I have to do, and he never complains. It’s better now, then it was when we were married! How does that happen? Anyway thanks for all of your patience and hard work, I’ll be in touch. Warmly

- J.J.

Long Island Best Mediation

We are so grateful we used the two of you instead of lawyers and court. The money you saved us plus you helped us with the most fair agreement, we can live with, and not hate each other. The money you saved us is now in our bank accounts and not the lawyers.”  You saved us in so many ways. Forever grateful.

- G.I.

Dear Long Island Best Mediation,

“……my children are doing so much better than I originally thought when we started the process. I was so worried, byt because of the coaching you both gave us, and the settlement that stabilized our finances, no one is hurting or suffering. This is why I was so afraid to divorce in the first place, but actually, all is going really good. Hard to believe I thought otherwise. I will definitely educate people about the benefits of mediation. I can’t believe I didn’t know and by the grace of god we found you in the midst of a crisis. No more crisis and the seas are calm again. Thank you, thank you

- R.K.

Dear Long Island Best Mediation,

You asked to get back in touch with you to let you know how things are going. Well, happy to report everything is settled down, I see my kids just as we agreed and we have fun, no fighting, no stress. My ex-seems to be happy and now we can talk like humans again. I’ll be in touch again, maybe when I meet someone. Working on it.” Best regards.

- L.H.

Dear Long Island Best Mediation,

“…….the best thing about the two of you is that you represent both men and women, that is so helpful, I know my ex-husband and he wouldn’t have gone for just a woman mediator, probably thinking she would be on my side, haha. That’s the way he is. But the idea of having the both of you kept him from using that as an excuse. You two were terrific  and so great to work with. You were flexible in the scheduling which helped a great deal, and able to see us as a living breathing family where others seemed so stuffy. You both are great! Thanks again.

- H.K.

“….. I especially love the way you treated us like a family even though we were going through a divorce, because now we actually still are somewhat of a family, a readjusted one. My children are not dealing with any of the nonsense they see their friends go through with their parents and lawyers and court. You kept us out of court and helped us get to be kind people again.”

- S.D.

I used Long Island Best Mediation. As good an experience as can be in a divorce. Compassionate and reasonable. Two thumbs up!

- G.J.

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