Post Divorce Counseling

This does not mean you and your ex are in counseling. We understand what you both have been through. Chances are counseling together is the last thing you are looking for. Our post-divorce counseling focuses on post divorce and Conscious Uncoupling. Even though the agreements have been signed and the ink is dry there are many effects that take place within the family.

For example, one ex may have begun a new relationship, how will this be handled? What do the children think, and how and when does the new relationship get introduced to them.

Another example is the aftermath of divorce and when the children feel the effects. During the process it is common for families to maintain a survival coping mechanism, however this defense eventually breaks down and someone or more than one member can shatter. Siblings begin to fight regularly, single parent stress sets in after the exhaustion of trying to keep the family stable for months or years. Finances have caught up and the hardship of single household lifestyle is now real.

It is not uncommon for post divorce counseling to be essential. Never under estimate the loss and despair you may be experiencing and feeling after the logistics of divorce are settled.

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