Conscious Coupling

Conscious Coupling - The Book


“One of life’s greatest joys—and challenges—is a relationship that is loving and brings happiness never imagined.” – Don Desroches

In Conscious Coupling, Don Desroches has waged war to save relationships and ultimately save families, honestly addressing the true basis of relationship fulfillment as well as its ultimate demise.

This essential book is for young couples not yet married; couples already married; and everyone intent on maintaining a happy, satisfying,
and blissful existence together.

Have you met “the one”?  Should you take “the plunge”?  Use this book as a conscious measuring tool for your choice of partner.  By committing to the work in this book, a relationship has a guaranteed chance of true happiness.

Are you in denial, faking happiness in your relationship? This book will help you get off the dull treadmill of your relationship to become truly conscious and vital.  Without consciousness, Dana and Don believe that any relationship will ultimately dissolve.

Are you in the despair of an openly deteriorating relationship?
This book will help you become conscious of behaviors in your relationship that have placed you on the tumultuous path toward divorce or separation.  You, your partner, and the relationship—all three—need care and nurturing.  If any one of them is neglected, all three will starve.