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The alternative to mediation is using attorneys for each party and the court system. When using mediation, the goal is to help all parties and the family as a whole win. When using attorneys representing each party, each attorney is looking for a win/lose outcome. The attorneys fight for their client’s rights whereas for the mediator the family is the client, resulting in a win/win. When using this adversarial approach, the impact is a more costly and time consuming process with a tremendous negative emotional impact on the parents and the children
Mediation is the negotiating and facilitating part of the process and counseling helps either party overcome the emotional barriers to continue negotiations in a productive way.

Children should not be at the mediation sessions with the parents, however, children can be involved in various stages of the process for either mediation and/or counseling.  Remember they are the victims of the separation and divorce and allowing them to have a voice in the process can make a huge difference in their lives because they usually feel most things are out of their control.

Having the child discuss their feelings in a safe and secure environment, without fear of retribution, can make a difference in helping them move past any emotional issues. It helps them be a part of the solution and feel better about their future because now they feel more in control.
There are various emotional stages that each party has to deal with internally before accepting their situation. Time can improve the situation or involving the party in our free consultation may help them understand the benefits of working in a cooperative way.
We will provide you with a form that will ask general questions regarding financials and family information.
Mediation is the process of using a third party to help negotiate and compromise to a win/win outcome for all.

Each session generally runs for an hour and a half and on average the entire process takes between 4 to 6 sessions.

Our fees are reasonable and at a fraction of the cost of an attorney. We charge hourly and get paid at the end of each session.

We offer a free phone consultation to help you determine if mediation is right for you.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

You always have the option of using a mediator during the process.  However, because of the adversarial nature of divorce attorneys, it is possible for them to easily undo all the work completed during mediation.  We do recommend that you use independent counsel, or we can provide one for you at the end of the process to review the agreement before signing.

You will receive a stipulation or settlement agreement. Once signed and notarized, you will be legally separated and you will use this agreement to file for divorce without going to court.

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