Should You Stay or Go?

Are you contemplating divorce but are unsure of whether or not this is the right approach and have doubts over whether the marriage can be saved.

If you are in this mindset, take our questionnaire to help understand if your marriage can be saved.  If after taking the Questionnaire, you still have doubts about divorce, you owe it to yourself and your family to try our Marriage Analysis Program to see if it’s possible to save your marriage.

Marriage Analysis Program will determine in three 1 hour sessions whether or not your marriage can improve and last throughout  years to come.

This unique approach for couples have proven to both build up a marriage and get couples back to the passion they once had and this approach also determines the truth about your relationship and the steps you both need to take to make the decision to end the marriage and transition into the next phase of your life.

These three sessions will include an initial assessment through evaluation, questions, exercises and homework, and third session will discuss the outcome and measurement of your marriage based on emotional and psychological requirements needed for the duration of your marital satisfaction in all areas you desire.

Divorce Prevention Program is a commitment of six weeks, whereas the approach to prevention includes both of you involved in techniques to rebuild the intimacy, exercises and homework. This experience for couples have turned what was once a marriage on the verge of divorce to a rekindled love affair with deeper understanding and passion.

Each week you will examine the various aspects of your marriage such as, what wasn’t working, what was working and what it will take to keep on working for a lifetime.

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