Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is another divorce option, providing individuals the ability to have a team of people during a divorce without going to court.  This team includes a mediator to help facilitate the sessions, an attorney for each party representing the rights of each individual, a divorce coach maintaining the focus and priorities of the children and family matters during this transition, and a certified divorce financial analyst to help with gathering the financial information in a comprehensive manner and helping project the financial future of each party to help each of them make a decision regarding how assets should be split.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

There are five ways that collaboration can cut down on the expense of divorce and allow you to divorce in a dignified manner, while giving you results would be as good as going through a trial in court. You and your spouse can:

  1. stabilize the situation through a temporary agreement
  2. exchange all necessary information voluntarily
  3. agree on legal procedures that minimize expense and streamline the process
  4. negotiate a settlement that works for you, and
  5. decide how to handle post-divorce decisions.


Whether you and your spouse use collaboration from the very beginning of the divorce process or only for part of it, you will save time and money. Perhaps just as important, you will likely get through the divorce with your privacy and dignity reasonably intact.

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