Questionnaire: Is It Time to Divorce?

This is a question that we get asked more than any other question.  However, how do you really know if Divorce is the right thing to do for you and your family?  Your thoughts are that you don’t want to be the one breaking up the family, but yet you are so unhappy.

It’s that feeling of being torn and guilty.  The worst part is that big decisions have been discussed with your partner, but this is not a topic you want to bring up.  Do you stay for the kids?  Do you just muddle through it because all marriages have it rough and maybe this will pass? 

Not knowing can put you in this endless cycle of questioning every day and questioning every interaction with your partner.  Don’t you wish someone like a professional would just make the decision for you both?  Wouldn’t that be so much easier? Then sharing this with loved ones can include the facts and criteria that the decision to divorce was based on. Incompatibility, loss of connection, too many areas of high conflict, to name a few causes.  With these concrete reasons you and your loved ones have a clearer picture of why the marriage now needs to be dissolved. Perhaps, the follow through of dissolving can also lead you to a healthier relationship with your partner.

Ending an unhealthy relationship and transitioning into a healthier wellness for both.

We can’t decide for you and no one can, but we can help you in the decision making.

Take our Marital Assessment – normally $100, now $65 until the end of the month.  You are provided a 10 page report based on eight different categories in your relationship.

Once armed with the report, you can meet with us to help you work on the areas that need improvement.    We will work together, in the room, with both of you to help stop the negative cycle and start creating some new positive habits.

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